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Meet the Owner of Mas Imaging Portable Radiology

Owner & CEO Marlo Suazo discusses the inspiration for his company and how he’s giving back to the community.

What’s your background? I started working in the medical field in 2001, and became a licensed radiological technologist after graduating from St. John’s University in 2009. I’m licensed primarily in X-ray and Cat scan, and have worked at Huntington Hospital as well as several private doctors offices throughout Long Island and Manhattan. Even before becoming licensed, I was still working in the radiology field by assisting techs, transporting patients and helping them to exams. That’s why it became an area of interest to start my business, I’ve always worked with these guys.

What does Mas Imaging do? We are a mobile radiology company who provides services to patients throughout Long Island – primarily Nassau, Suffolk and Queens. We currently offer x-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs, pacemaker checks, and echocardiograms, and soon we’ll also offer transcranial dopplers as well. Our services aren’t limited, we work with pediatric patients all the way through geriatric patients, and we’ll visit assisted livings, private homes, or anyone in need of this type of service.

How did you choose that name? There’s two variables to this. When I first started, the name came about because in radiology there’s two x-ray exposure factors that we use. One is “KVP” which is kilovoltage peak and the other is “MAS” which is milliampere-seconds. So “mas” is part of the radiology industry…and it also just happens to be my initials! Though that wasn’t necessarily the primary reason for it, the name seemed to have worked out.

How did your business begin? My business began because I worked in doctors offices, urgent care facilities and hospitals frequently, and I came across a lot of patients who seemed to spend long hours in the waiting room because of transportation issues. They would be dropped off for their appointment by an ambulette and wait sometimes for hours until they were called for just an x-ray. I would do their x-ray, which only takes 15 minutes, and they would sit in the waiting room again for the ambulette to pick them up. So they would spend anywhere from 2-8 hours of their day for just a simple 15 minute exam. And it started to bother me that they would have to go through all of that for something so simple, and it got my wheels turning. I started to think that there has to be a better option for these patients. I wanted to do something that could make their lives a little easier, so that’s how I got started.

What was your first objective when you founded the company? My first objective was just to let people know that there was another alternative to spending time in a waiting room at a radiology facility or a doctors office. That they could get the same quality and care at home that they were getting there, that it was just as good, if not better.

What’s the best part about what you do? The best part about what I do is when I see people who have never heard of this type of service actually try our company, and they realize that it’s saved them from having to find a way to get out of the house and go to these facilities. They become so appreciative because it’s saved them time, hassle and heartache. Now they can get the same quality of service in their home without all the extra traveling, waiting and expense. That to me is honestly the reason why I started.

How long have you been in business? The business started in 2013, so almost 10 years.

What are your goals for the company? My goal for the company is to not only make sure that everyone on Long Island and across New York state knows we provide the cutting edge of what mobile radiology is, but it’s to make sure that people are aware that we can actually make lives easier for the residents of Long Island and this wonderful community of New York.

What sets Mas Imaging apart from the competitors? I founded this company with the intention of bringing quality service to patient’s bedsides wherever they are, as well as quality imaging and reports we give to providers. I deliver this with cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology, a radiology staff that’s on hand to read reports in 15 minutes to an hour, and a staff who truly cares about what they’re doing.

How many people work for your company now? We’re a small company, so about 15 employees at this moment. But we’re growing fast and are excited about the direction of the future.

What would your team say about you? My team appreciates that I’m rolling up my sleeves and providing the same services to patients that they are. I don’t just sit behind a desk all day and act like a boss. I really enjoy what I do, and I make sure I’m staying active and getting out there to provide x-rays and scans. They’re happy to see I have my boots on the ground, and it helps me to be understanding of their position and remain a fair employer. It makes for a team atmosphere in the company.

What do you enjoy doing in your “off” time away from work? If I do have any time away from work, I enjoy spending it with my family. Especially in the summer we do things whenever we can, like going to the beach a lot or visiting a museum. We enjoy the community where we live, and we truly enjoy everything about Long Island. I appreciate the life I have here and don’t take it for granted.

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