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Men’s Health Awareness Topic: Breast Cancer in Men

Breast cancer is a popular topic for women, but did you know more than 2650 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year? This represents about 1 in every 100 breast cancers diagnosed in the United States, making it a topic men shouldn’t overlook.

As with women, most breast cancers in men are found after age 50. But if there’s a family history, or if the man has ever received hormone replacement treatment or radiation treatment for another illness to the chest area, this can also significantly increase his chances of developing breast cancer over time. Men who are overweight or obese also have a higher risk of getting breast cancer than men at a normal weight, and should screen themselves regularly to detect any variances early on.

If you notice a lump or swelling in your chest, nipple discharge, redness in the skin around your breast area or irritation/dimpling of the breast skin, it’s best to contact your healthcare provider immediately. They may recommend a breast ultrasound as part of your full workup, or to look for changes to any masses found during a mammogram or physical exam. Breast ultrasounds are helpful to determine the difference between fluid-filled cysts and solid masses, which might need further testing.

Because breast ultrasounds can be a socially uncomfortable or embarrassing topic for some men, Mas Imaging can help to reduce this discomfort and anxiety by coming to your home or facility. This provides you with complete privacy and comfort. We work around your schedule, and also offer very fast imaging results – less than 24 hours! – so you and your healthcare provider know exactly what you’re dealing with and how to proceed with proper treatment.

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