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Portable Radiology Facts vs Fiction

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

We get a lot of questions and hear a lot of assumptions about portable radiology services, and we're busting the top five myths about the industry today. Read below!

Myth: Mobile radiology isn’t the same quality as what you get in the hospitals or at brick-and-mortar radiology offices.

Fact: Mas Imaging Portable Radiology uses state-of-the-art, hospital-grade equipment for all the modalities we offer. This way, image quality is never sacrificed for convenience, and your provider will get a superior report every time.

Myth: Report turnaround is slower with mobile radiology

Fact: While historically, brick-and-mortar radiology facilities would sometimes take days or even weeks to provide a report, the advent of digital technology has decreased this timeline considerably. Mas Imaging Portable Radiology employs a team of radiologists who are on-call 24/7 365 days a year to ensure swift turnaround times for all scans performed. We guarantee that your provider will receive your report in less than 24 hours - and sometimes as quickly as 30 minutes! – to ensure that you’re able to start on any necessary treatment as quickly as possible.

Myth: X-ray radiation can’t be contained in a mobile setting

Fact: Approximately 99% of the energy emitted during an x-ray is in the form of nontoxic heat, while only 1% is converted into x-ray photons. And even then, that 1% will dissipate once it reaches 6 feet of distance.

Mas Imaging Portable Radiology employs experienced technologists who are thoroughly trained in techniques to contain unnecessary radiation exposure during your x-ray exam. And because of the efficiency of the mobile machines, they are able to take quality images in a shorter amount of time than a traditional office could, thereby minimizing exposure even more.

The mobile x-ray units themselves are equipped with protective shielding and a backscatter radiation shield made of a thick acrylic to reduce exposure to all parties involved. And protective aprons are always provided to the patient as well, just as they are in traditional settings, to further reduce exposure to areas of the body not being imaged.

These elements combined have shown a significant reduction in radiation exposure using portable devices compared to traditional office settings, making mobile radiology the safer alternative.

Myth: My appointment will get cancelled if the weather is bad

Fact: Mas Imaging Portable Radiology is a service available to patients 24/7, 365 days a year. Though there are some weather conditions that may be too hazardous for our technologists to travel in – such as mandatory road closures due to hurricanes or blizzards – we will make every effort to keep your appointment even when conditions are less than ideal.

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