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When is it best to use a mobile radiology service?

The pandemic era ushered in a new generation of health care services, leaving patients with plenty of options to meet their needs. Telemedicine, portable/at-home services, concierge/private medicine and more became common phrases that quickly replaced the standard brick-and-mortar office visit. These trends continue today and offer patients the opportunity to care for their medical needs in a more convenient and comfortable fashion.

Mas Imaging Portable Radiology was established in 2013, before COVID-19 hit the scene. But the popularity of bringing hospital-quality radiology services to the patient has held firm as patients with varying concerns find it a more advantageous option when they need an x-ray, ultrasound, EKG, echocardiogram or doppler study. That’s because Mas Imaging Portable Radiology can bring the equipment right to your house, so you can complete your scan on your couch, in your bed, or wherever you’re most comfortable.

But when should you opt for a portable radiology service?

When you have mobility issues or a disability

Leaving the house can become cumbersome for patients who have to regularly use a cane, walker, wheelchair or other assistance device. Likewise, those with certain disabilities, or even those suffering from PTSD, may be more comfortable in the familiarity of their own home. The idea of traveling can sometimes be a deterrent for much needed appointments, especially if help isn’t readily available. Mas Imaging Portable Radiology brings the equipment to you, wherever you are, to eliminate unnecessary travel.

When you have an autoimmune disease

Certain autoimmune diseases may make you more susceptible to fatigue, pain, vision loss, or even to catching colds and flus. Because of this, it may not be ideal to sit in a waiting room for an extended amount of time, or to be around other potentially sick patients, even if you’re taking every precaution to protect yourself. Mas Imaging Portable Radiology provides you with a private appointment in an atmosphere where you’re most comfortable to safeguard your health.

When you’re too sick or in too much pain to sit in a waiting room

Oftentimes ultrasounds are scheduled as a screening or follow-up for patients who are suffering from cancer or other serious diseases. You may be experiencing too much pain or discomfort from your symptoms to sit comfortably and wait for your appointment. In those instances, let Mas Imaging Portable Radiology come to you to reduce any unnecessary stress on your body while still providing you with hospital-quality results.

When you have difficulty with transportation

Some patients may not have a disability or other mobility issue, but simply don’t have access to regular transportation. Or perhaps they’ve reached a stage of life where it isn’t safe for them to be on the road as frequently. Instead of hiring an ambulette or entrusting your ride to an expensive taxi, let Mas Imaging Portable Radiology come to you, so you can spend your days doing what you like instead of shuttling around to office visits.

When the weather is bad

In the winter, roads can get icy. In the spring and summer, rain can make them slick. Not everyone wants to be – or should be – on the road in these conditions. With Mas Imaging Portable Radiology you don’t have to miss your appointment because the weather is bad. We offer same-day or next-day availability so you can stay safely at home.

When your schedule doesn’t accommodate regular business hours

Not everyone works a traditional 9-5 shift, and sometimes those that do aren’t able to take time off during the day to make an appointment. Schedules can be very demanding with work, school, children, elderly family members, social commitments and more. Instead of adding more stress to your schedule with a radiology appointment, take some of that stress off yourself by scheduling with Mas Imaging Portable Radiology. We offer 24/7 appointments, 365 days a year and can meet you wherever you are – at home, at work or anywhere else that’s convenient. We’ll provide you with a two-hour appointment window and will make your experience as efficient as possible so you can get back to your regular routine.

Contact us today to make your appointment! (631) 551-5101

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